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My son is a member of Mensa based on his CogAT scores this year. The CogAT practice test I purchased was a wonderful preparation tool for the test. He scored 139 SAS. Thanks.
My 9-year-old son and I used your books to prepare for the CogAT. He nailed it! 190 questions and he missed only one. I couldn't believe it.
Thanks to your wonderful materials, my 7-year-old son and I used your ebooks to prepare for CogAT early this year. Now he already got the entrance ticket for Sidener Academy for High Ability Students in Indianapolis. The competition is held in more than 60 schools and among thousands of kids, we are proud of him and really appreciate your materials.
My son had his test for the gifted program yesterday, and I wanted to write and thank you for the excellent preparation materials! Not only did he feel confidence going into the test, but he also felt that the test was easier than the practice materials. He scored so high on the test in all three sections that they retested him today at a higher level. ( his percentages were the same high scores at that level too) Thank you again for providing such an outstanding resource!!
My daughter's test results are out! She passed with excellent scores! The breakdown, verbal 98, quantitative 97, non verbal 99, composite 99! She will be in the gate program next year. I believe these practice test helped her get familiarized with the testing format. Thank you and we are all very happy!
I just wanted to say thank you again for the CogAT practice test. We received my son's results today, and he scored in the 99th percentiles in quantitative and verbal and the 97th percentile in non-verbal.
My son, who is in first grade, was administered the NNAT in December. When we got the results we were shocked! He is an extremely bright little boy, but according to the report, he had only scored in the 39th percentile. I was distraught! I knew he was capable of so much better. I asked him what happened, and he told me that the administrator just hadn't given him clear instructions. I appealed the board to have him re-tested and my appeal was granted. I ordered my first practice test from you that night. We went through it together, and I explained each section to him. After he had familiarized himself with the test, I ordered the next level of the practice test. He practiced the problems only a few times before he was re-tested. I just got the results from his second test and he scored in the 98th percentile!! I am thrilled! We can't wait for him to start receiving gifted services! I will definitely be ordering additional tests as he moves forward with the program.
Our 3rd grader was tested in March for our district’s TAG program, and did extremely well. As a result, he was invited to join TAG beginning this fall. I asked him whether or not he thought the practice test we did at home helped him do so well. His response was “definitely”. He said, “with-out the practice test, he would have been more nervous about what to expect” and he also said “the real test questions would have been more confusing if he hadn’t practiced with those types of questions at home”. Seems it really got him in the groove and eliminated the jitters. He was so relaxed and confident on test day, that I couldn’t believe it. I would highly recommend your tests to other parents for their children.
I just wanted to update you on my son's results for the NNAT. He scored in the 99% on the NNAT exam and was accepted into the GATE program. Thanks for your help in getting the book shipped out to us so fast. That was crucial in his studies.
My daughter took the test yesterday. 10 kids took the Multilevel test in one full day. We had a week to cram, and by Saturday she was comfortable with it. My daughter said that some of the questions were on the test, the patterns were somewhat exact. She also said that the administrator made them take their time and told them if they did not pass it, it didn't mean that they were not smart. Just the fact that they were being tested meant they were smart. Not sure when the results will comeback, but I will let you know how she does. More importantly, my daughter thanked me for getting the study aid and helping her and gave me a kiss and a hug.
A few months ago I purchased your practice books for the NNAT (administered to all 2nd graders at our School district). Well, my child got 650 (all the answers right, missed not a single one) and score in the 98% National Percentile! Thank you!
Well thanks to the practice test my daughter only missed 3 out of the whole test. She was ranked in the top 1 percent of the nation. Thank you so much.
I wanted to thank you for your help in preparing and acclimating my son for the test. He scored in the top percentile and qualified for a terrific gifted program.
Just wanted thank Mercer for the practice test materials. My son scored a nationwide percentile of over 99% in COGAT with a composite score of 150. He was able to make it to the gifted program and honors math. He was good in math before but the tests helped him manage the time better. He said the actual test was a little easier for the most part.
I have great news to share. My son flew through the test and made it well over the 98 percentile requirement for this test to be eligible for the next level tests. Your practice material greatly improved his understanding of the questions, and enabled him to complete the 38 question test in just 12 minutes with confidence and high proficiency.
Our 2nd grader is eligible for the full-time Advanced Academic Program (AAP, previously known as GT) thanks to your guidance and information. She studied your prep materials throughout the summer vacation in 2009 (at the end of her 1st grade year) to take the NNAT and CogAT in the fall. She solved more than one thousand (YES 1,000) questions over and over again to pass. If any parent has any question on your study guide, feel free to have them contact me for strong reference.
We finally got the results and he got into the gifted program. It was money well spent. Thank you!
I wanted to say that your tests have been a lifesaver. I think it's almost impossible to achieve a score high enough to make it into the gifted program without your simulated tests. Children need exposure to the actual tests, or something very close to it. We had used 4 books from the Critical Thinking series, but my daughter was disappointed to learn that, while helpful in learning critical thinking skills, these study aids were not enough to get into gifted program. Imagine my surprise when I stumbled onto your website while teachers and educators from my children's school district have told me for years that it was impossible to find simulated exams. So, I ordered your book, and lo and behold, it was just like the actual test. My daughter is very confident about taking the test now.
My son passed, 99th percentile. Thank you!
We had a lot of fun doing the practice tests and I am sure he was much more comfortable at the actual test because of the practice.
S (Her son scored in the top 4% in all areas.)
I don’t really care if [my son] gets into the program or not – but I certainly don’t want him to miss an opportunity because he’s never seen those types of questions before.
My daughter took the CogAT exam and scored in the 98th percentile. The Practice test were very helpful to her. I do want to tell you that I think this was well worth the money I spent on it. I would hope that you could make this test available for many more parents. I searched for a year to find something that could prepare her for this test and as I searched I saw many others doing the same. Most blogs said that there is nothing that you can do to prepare your child for this test, but you guys delivered a very good product. Thanks again and keep giving parents and kids hope when other say that there isn't a way.
We just found out yesterday that my daughter got accepted into the gifted program... thanks in large part to your CogAT prep test. She had been tested last year but was not accepted. Although she scored extremely high on the ITBS, she did not do very well on the CogAT. Our school district uses both tests for entrance into the gifted program. The program facilitator could not explain to me why there was such a discrepancy in her scores on these two exams. After doing extensive research on the internet, I found your website and downloaded your practice test for the CogAT. We worked with her on this practice test for several months. Thank you so much for offering this product. Our daughter would have been at a great disadvantage had she not become familiar with the exercises contained in your practice tests.
I wanted to let you know that although we have not received the test results for my second grade daughter yet. The [NNAT] practice test was indeed very helpful. My daughter came home and told me that the test at the school was so much easier than the practice test! I believe that because she was familiar with the test from you, she felt very comfortable taking the school one.
I am very happy with the purchase. My 6 year old keeps asking to do it all the time!
Thank you so much. This is exactly what I am looking for.

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