OLSAT Test Sample Questions

Sample questions for the OLSAT Exam Grades 3-12

The OLSAT exam covers the following 5 subject areas: Verbal, Verbal Reasoning, Nonverbal, Figural Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning. There are 23 different OLSAT question types within these 5 subject areas. The question types are dependent on which grade level your child will take.

The OLSAT test uses between 9 and 15 question types to test children in four main categories (verbal, nonverbal, figural reasoning, and quantitative reasoning). The number of questions on the OLSAT test ranges from 40-72 depending on grade level. Question types on each test are determined by grade level and can be classified into the 4 content sections described above. With administration time, the OLSAT test takes between 1-1ΒΌ hours to complete. Below are a sample of some of the questions on the test.

For a more in-depth description of the OLSAT exam, utilize our Frequently Asked Questions page to answer any questions you may still have.

Number Series

Sample question:

OLSAT Number Series Sample Question

Number Matrix

Sample question:

OLSAT Number Matrix Sample Question

Pattern Matrix

Sample question:

OLSAT Pattern Matrix Sample Question

Figural Analogies

Sample question:

OLSAT Figural Analogies Sample Question

Verbal Analogies

Sample question:

OLSAT Verbal Analogies Sample Question

Word/Letter Matrix

Sample question:

OLSAT Word/Letter Matrix Sample Question

Sentence Completion

Sample question:

OLSAT Sentence Completion Sample Question

Verbal Classification

Sample question:

OLSAT Verbal Classification Sample Question