OLSAT Grade 1 Practice Tests

Mercer Publishing's OLSAT® practice tests are the #1 ability test prep materials available for testing into your schools TAG (talented and gifted) or GATE program. Each practice test is designed with the same format and number of questions as the actual exam. Each practice test book contains 2 full-length exams at the 1st grade level and comes with answers and explanations. Downloadable versions of our practice tests are available to both MAC and PC users. For a more in-depth description of the OLSAT exam, utilize our Frequently Asked Questions or Sample Questions pages to answer any questions you may still have.

OLSAT Grade 1 Study Package

OLSAT Study Package

The OLSAT Study Package is designed to give each student everything they will need to achieve their highest potential on the exam, including 2 full-length practice tests and a bubble sheet answer form.

Package includes:

  • 2 Full-length OLSAT Practice Tests
  • 1 Bubble sheet answer form


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OLSAT Level B Products

OLSAT Grade 1 Level B Practice Test

Practice Tests 1 & 2

The OLSAT Level B Practice Tests 1 and 2 are designed for 1st grade students. This book contains two full-length tests, with the same number of questions and format as the actual OLSAT Level B exam.


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OLSAT Grade 1 Level B Practice Test eBook

Practice Tests 1 & 2 eBook

The OLSAT Level B Practice Tests 1 and 2 eBook is the downloadable version of the OLSAT Level B Practice Tests 1 and 2. eBooks are downloadable on both PC and MAC products and are viewable for 60 days. eBooks are not printable.


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